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The Initial Consultation

Whichever lens you are interested in, we would carry out a consultation which will take at least 30-45 minutes where we will assess the health and condition of everything from the tips of the lashes to the iris,  looking at the quality and quantity of the tear film (the main support for the contact lens), the shape and condition of the lids and the size and health of the cornea. To do this we use a biomicroscope (slit lamp) with various coloured dyes to help show us the general well being of the front of the eye. We would then measure the shape of the eye using a Corneal Topographer, which is so accurate we can design lenses from this data. All this information is then used along with our talk with you about what you want and expect from lenses, what sort of work you do, the environment at work, your hobbies and general health etc, to help us decide what lenses to recommend for you and to give you trial lenses which, in most cases, will be free of charge.


Lenses for Astigmatism

Used to correct astigmatism and available in all types of lenses and prescriptions including varifocal, daily disposable and Rigid Gas Permeable. Standard soft lens designs (ie not disposable) are available for higher prescriptions. Astigmatism is a slight mis-shaping of the cornea and/or other parts of the optical system of the eye. The easiest way to explain it is to think of a slice of a football (spherical) as being the shape of the 'perfect cornea' and the astigmatic cornea as being like a slice of a rugby ball. This shape with two different curvatures splits the light into 2 different positions in the eye and needs a more complex 2 curves/powers on the lens to correct it fully. Currently we can correct up to 30 dioptres long or short  sight with up to 11.00 dioptres astigmatism Please ask for further details about your prescription.


"I'm absolutely thrilled with the lenses, to be honest, I don't even know I've got them in"
Miss SG July 2012


Contact Lenses & Astigmatism

alt : Contact Lenses & Astigmatism

Soft Contacts for Astigmatism

alt : Soft Contacts for Astigmatism
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