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The Initial Consultation

Whichever lens you are interested in, we would carry out a consultation which will take at least 30-45 minutes where we will assess the health and condition of everything from the tips of the lashes to the iris,  looking at the quality and quantity of the tear film (the main support for the contact lens), the shape and condition of the lids and the size and health of the cornea. To do this we use a biomicroscope (slit lamp) with various coloured dyes to help show us the general well being of the front of the eye. We would then measure the shape of the eye using a Corneal Topographer, which is so accurate we can design lenses from this data. All this information is then used along with our talk with you about what you want and expect from lenses, what sort of work you do, the environment at work, your hobbies and general health etc, to help us decide what lenses to recommend for you and to give you trial lenses which, in most cases, will be free of charge.

  Ortho-K is perfect for water sports

Is it possible? 24/7 vision without surgery?

OrthoKeratology (Ortho-k) has often been labelled the safe alternative to laser surgery. It is a procedure where the patient sleeps in specially designed lenses, removing them in the morning and having clear vision without having to wear contact lenses or glasses for one or two days. Unlike laser surgery it is completely reversible.

Ortho-k is ideal for serious sportsmen and women especially those involved with swimming, surfing or any water based sports, because the traditional risks of wearing contact lenses in water don't apply as you won't have the lenses in when you are taking part.

Also it's fantastic for those involved in martial arts or boxing as the advisory bodies of these organisations often recommend against the use of contact lenses in case of problems following a blow to the face.

There is also ongoing research to verify claims that Orthokeratology can also halt the progress of myopia (shortsight)! Please see our Myopia Control page for further details.

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