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The Initial Consultation

Whichever lens you are interested in, we would carry out a consultation which will take at least 30-45 minutes where we will assess the health and condition of everything from the tips of the lashes to the iris,  looking at the quality and quantity of the tear film (the main support for the contact lens), the shape and condition of the lids and the size and health of the cornea. To do this we use a biomicroscope (slit lamp) with various coloured dyes to help show us the general well being of the front of the eye. We would then measure the shape of the eye using a Corneal Topographer, which is so accurate we can design lenses from this data. All this information is then used along with our talk with you about what you want and expect from lenses, what sort of work you do, the environment at work, your hobbies and general health etc, to help us decide what lenses to recommend for you and to give you trial lenses which, in most cases, will be free of charge.


Do you feel too young to be seen in bifocals?

How about considering multifocal contact lenses. Celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt and Madonna are all over 40 but you wouldn't even begin to associate them with bifocal specs even though they are at the age when we all start to have problems with reading vision. Multifocal literally means a contact lens with more than one focal length and they have been around for years. There are many designs in all types of lens materials and modalities (monthly, two weekly, daily etc). It is one of the areas that we specialise in having assisted in pre-launch trials and especially as Keith now wears them himself. We have several different designs available to us, 7 actually in the practice as trial sets and countless others available on request or to special order. We even design RGP multifocals especially for you, so if you've ever been told you're not suitable because you need bifocals please come and talk to us as it might well be worth trying again.

The following animation gives you an idea how these lenses work but please feel free to contact me for more information.

  alt : Multifocal Contacts

Multifocal Contacts



"I'm absolutely delighted
with my multifocal lense
- I even forget they're in!
Mrs BS July2012


Certificate of Achievement

Mr Keith Tempany has successsfully completed the initial stage of the ACUVUE® PRESBYOPIA PARTNERSHIP™ fitting programme June 1st 2012.

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